A Sydney Puppet Theatre production

   Munch Crunch Move 


About the show
Munch Crunch Move
is a timely new show about keeping healthy and happy through a balance of good food and exercise.  It premiered in February 2007and is designed for primary school children and their families. 

The evil Couch Potato is the head of CP Foods.  His motto is "the more you eat, the more you want.  The more you want, the more you buy and the more you buy, the richer I get". His eager assistant  Eileen Advertiser has a new breakfast cereal to sell while Darling Dad has his work cut out trying to steer his kids to the healthy end of the supermarket aisle. Eileen thinks she's onto a winner but it's not looking good for the patient Pop.

Back home, Couch Potato convinces the kids that playing computer games is all the exercise you need. This is an evil plot to capture the kids and transport them to Slobville. To the rescue come the superheroes Mighty Red the Carrot and Smelly the Alien. These two are the experts of balance and show the kids that it's safer and more fun to mix it up and move it with a great diet and playful exercise.


To book:
contact Sue Wallace on 0438 218 217 or email: spuppet@ozemail.com.au



Length of Show:
No: of performers:
Age suitability:
Audience capacity:
Stage Dimensions:

Set Up Time:
Take Down Time:
Munch Crunch Move
50 minutes
 5 years and up
Height 2.5m
Width 6m
Depth 5m
45 minutes
30 minutes
Simple stage wash
Live voice